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VMA Miki Pulley® - Cuplaje elastice ASK


The ASK sliced coupling is a solution for equalizing all kinds of offset. Its unique slit structure once revolutionized the coupling industry – over the years, this well established solution has come a long way and now represents the ideal solution for installation situations that involve misalignment or high levels of resonance. Not only does the one-part design ensure absolute stability at the highest speeds (>30,000 rpm) and a low mass moment of inertia, but it also enables maximum torsional stiffness to be achieved in the face of dynamic load changes.


♦ High torques ♦ Variable materials
♦ Isogonal power transmission ♦ High level of thermal stability
♦ Equalizes offsets ♦ Maintenance-free and non-wearing
♦ Good resonance damping ♦ Low mass inertia
♦ Extremely torsionally stiff  

Application areas
♦ Linear drive, rotary drive, ♦ Robotized lines
♦ Oscillating chain drive ♦ Precision tools
♦ Spindle drive ♦ Measuring systems
♦ Conveyor systems ♦ Machine tools
♦ Special purpose machinery ♦ Tool lines

  Tehnical Data


Material:                ♦ Aluminum alloy  ♦ Stainless steel ♦ Steel ♦ PEEK ♦ Titanium on request
Speed:                          6000 rpm; max. speeds of approx. 30,000 rpm on request.
Temperatures:      ♦ Temperatures of up to 500°C possible.

Product versions

Sliced couplings for various installation situations and shaft connections. The technical data provided is for the ASK type series. If our range does not cover a particular installation situation, please contact us and we will be happy to find the right solution to cater for your application.




  • Download catalog si stepfiles cuple ASK

    Download catalog si stepfiles cuple ASK

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