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Three Piece Telemanipulator R - Extended, Sealed Design

Three-Piece Modular Manipulator designed for use in inert environments in a extended reach design
     ♦ A modular three-piece design consisting of master, slave, and seal tube,
        offering flexible installation options
     ♦ A modular design ideal for maintenance allows master and slave arms to
        be removed independently, without breaking containment
     ♦ Provides a true one-to-one handling ratio; if you can pick it up with your
        hand you can pick it up with these manipulators

CRL line of three-piece manipulators are designed to provide the highest levels of containment while still offering
the feel necessary to complete the most complex tasks. CRLs line of three-piece manipulators can be used in
rugged production-based environments or sensitive laboratory experiments.

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