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Sterilizable Transfer Port (STP)

The CRL Sterilizable Transfer Port (STP) is a reduced cost, manual double-door system that consists of
an Alpha flange assembly featuring CRLs patented dry-heat technology and mating  Beta canister assembly.


   STP - Alfa Flange with heater                   STP - Beta Flange                        STP - open

This system allows for the transfer of materials (stoppers, vials, caps, etc.) into a sterile isolator or aseptic barrier
system requiring a high sterility assurance level. Independent tests have shown that a 6-log microbial reduction can
be achieved at the sealing surfaces of the STP.

Unlike UV sterilization techniques, our dry heat sterilization method eliminates concerns often associated with
contaminated seals resulting from inconsistent aseptic wiping or shadowing and stacking.

When you need fast sterile cycle times and reliable operation, consider the transfer port used in FDA approved
systems by the top North American pharmaceutical manufacturers - the STP from Central Research Laboratories.

System Features

     ♦ Electric heater installed in alpha port flange at intersection of seals (high temperature zone)
     ♦ Critical zone is heated to 190° C and held for predetermined time after Alpha & Beta are docked
     ♦ 6-log microbial reduction is achieved in under three minutes
     ♦ Depending on application, typical dock-to-dump cycle time is five minutes.

Design Features (190mm diameter)
     ♦ 16 liter stainless steel Alpha flange with polypropylene orstainless steel door
     ♦ Silicone gasket seals
     ♦ Molded medical grade polymer beta flange with polypropylene container
     ♦ Polypropylene or stainless steel protective collar to cover Ring-of-Concern

Optional Equipment
     ♦ Automated port door functions
     ♦ Automated protective collar
     ♦ Molded medical grade polymer Beta flange with various bag material
     ♦ Automated loader system for Aalpha/Beta docking.

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