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Sterile Liquid Transfer Ports (SLTP)

The CRL Sterile Liquid Transfer Port (SLTP) (patent pending) enables efficient aseptic liquid transfer for pharmaceutical manufacturing. The SLTP has been engineered to utilize standard steam in place processes enabling efficient transfer of liquids from sterile product devices into a clean room or isolator.

Main System Components
     ♦ SLTP Beta Flange with Steam Connections
     ♦ SLTP Steam-in-Place Docking Plate
     ♦ SLTP Modified Alpha Flange


    Flange with Steam Connections
               Steam-in-Place Docking Plate                    Modified Alpha Flange

Design Features
      ♦ SLTP Beta flange available with single or dual product connections and single condensate drain connection.
      ♦ Product connection tube inner surfaces polished to 15 micro inch finish and sloped to maximize drainage.
      ♦ SLTP Beta flange easily attached and removed from steam-in-place docking plate without any special
         tools or accessories.
      ♦ SLTP Beta and Alpha flange constructed from 316L stainless steel material.
      ♦ Extended polypropylene Alpha port door to accommodate product connection tubes.
      ♦ Tri-clover fittings used on product tubes for rapid hose connect/disconnect.
      ♦ Alpha flange equipped with mechanical interlocks to prevent improper port operation.
      ♦ SLTP available in 190mm size.



Tank and SLTP steamed in place                            Product tank filled and ready to transfer


                                            SLTP docked enabling aseptic liquid transfer

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