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Sistem prindere automatizata HILMA A SH

Clamping system ASH Automation clamping against the fixed jaw hydraulically operated, single acting optionally with integrated stroke measuring system to query the slide positionthe stroke measuring can be made by means of the installed sensor technology or the acquisition of the flow rate
In conjunction with the optional stroke measuring system, workpiece dimensions can be directly entered, registered and approached by a control unit. Manual adjustment of the jaw openings is not required. The machine tools must no longer be stopped for setup. This reduces downtimes and sources of error due to manual intervention.
Parts families with different dimensions can be clamped in one clamping system. Time-consuming and expensive fixture changes are no longer required and the machine running time is increased. Also the number of workpiece-specific fixtures can be reduced and thus fixture costs can be saved.
The process safety is positively influenced by the query of all functions. Clamping and operating errors are avoided and scrap rates reduced. Durability and easy maintenance are obtained by the closed design of the clamping system.
Costs for fixture maintenance and thus machine downtime are reduced. The stability of the base and an exact zero point position of the fixed jaw guarantee a high quality for your products.

Special benefits
   ♦ automated setups
   ♦ large hydraulic stroke
   ♦ slide position and clamping force can be monitored
   ♦ optimised swarf protection
   ♦ high stability by pulling clamping principle

  ♦ jaw widths 100, 125 mm
  ♦ hydraulic, double acting, stroke up to 200 mm

Application videos:
Hydraulically-operated clamping system for automation ASH Automation

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