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Sistem prindere automatizata concentrica HILMA ZH

Concentric vice ZH concentric clamping hydraulically operated, double acting

Concentric vices position and clamp workpieces under the influence of the outer contours exactly in a given symmetry axis. They can be used on machining centres, machines tools and machines for end machining as well as within special clamping fixtures.
Hydraulic clamping and unclamping is made by an external pressure transducer with a double-acting circuit. The synchronisation control adjusted free of play guarantees a high centring precision.

Special benefits
   ♦ high repetitive clamping repeatability ± 0.02 mm
   ♦ constant lengths and large clamping ranges
   ♦ mounting position: any
   ♦ fixing and mounting possibilities for customer-specific clamping jaws
   ♦ protection against coolants and swarf by integrated wipers in the clamping slide
   ♦ large slide stroke
   ♦ opening stroke limitation by adjusting screw
   ♦ suitable for the connection to the central lubrication with bed way oil VG 68 (please ask for information)

   ♦ jaw widths 100, 125, 160 mm
   ♦ hydraulically operated, double acting

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