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Sistem prindere automatizata actionare dubla HILMA DS-H

For medium-sized and large series: Double clamping system HILMA DS hydraulically operated for efficient machining of workpieces, preferably with short cycle times. Can also be used arranged in a row for clamping of workpieces which require several clamping points. Compact and user-friendly for 2 optionally 4 workpieces (DS125).
The double clamping systems of the series HILMA DS excel by a high level of process safety. The patented guide and sealing system of the clamping systems guarantees a long service life with minimum maintenance. The 3rd-hand function facilitates the insertion of workpieces in a row.

Special benefits
  ♦ high clamping forces up to 40 kN
  ♦ constant overall length and large clamping ranges, 1, 2 or 4 workpieces
  ♦ optimum sealing against swarf and coolants
  ♦ fixing and mounting possibilities for customer-specific clamping jaws
  ♦ mounting possible directly through the base
  ♦ clamping of differently-sized large workpieces
  ♦ high zero-point accuracy by central jaw free of load
  ♦ adjustment for both clamping positions from one side

jaw widths 100 and 125 mm
Hydraulically operated, single acting
Double clamping system DS
clamping against the fixed jaw

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