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Sil-Pad Shield

Features and Benefits:
• Bonded laminate
• Electrically isolating
• Copper shield between layers of Sil-Pad
• Pre-tinned 60/40 solder point for easy grounding

Sil-Pad Shield is a laminate of copper with Sil-Pad thermally conductive insulators.
Sil-Pad Shield provides:
• Shielding effectiveness of 50dB or higher  
• Good thermal transfer
• Reduced labor costs due to the elimination of having to apply thermal grease


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is produced by heat sink current. The capacitance between a TO-3 encapsulated transistor and its heat sink is typically 100pf when a mica or other insulating washer is used. A power supply constructed with a standard insulator and a grounded heat sink can be expected to produce about 10 times more interference than is permitted.

1. The use of chokes, filters and LC networks which have to be designed into the circuitry.
 2. Constructing a shield between the transistor and its heat sink by replacing the mica insulator with a Sil-Pad Shield
    (see illustration).

Typical Applications Include:
• Switch mode power supplies
• EMI / RFI shield between PCB’s

  • Sil-Pad Shield

    Sil-Pad Shield

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     Sil-Pad Shield

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