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Sil-Pad K-10

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal impedance: 0.41°C-in2/W (@50 psi)
• Tough dielectric barrier against cut-through
• High performance film
• Designed to replace ceramic insulators

Sil-Pad K-10 is a high performance insulator. It combines special film with a filled silicone rubber. The result is a product with good cut-through properties and excellent thermal performance.

Sil-Pad K-10 is designed to replace ceramic insulators such as Beryllium Oxide, Boron Nitride, and Alumina. Ceramic insulators are expensive and they break easily. Sil-Pad K-10 eliminates breakage and costs much less than ceramics.

Typical Applications Include:
• Power supplies
• Power semiconductors
• Motor controls

  • Sil Pad K-10

    Sil Pad K-10

    Cod produs: Sil Pad K-10

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    Producator: BERGQUIST GmbH

     Sil Pad K-10

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