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Sil-Pad 800

Features and Benefits:
• thermal impedance: 0.45°C-in2/W (@50 psi)
• high value material
• smooth and highly compliant surface
• electrically isolating

The Sil-Pad 800 family of thermally conductive insulation materials is designed for applications requiring high thermal performance and electrical isolation. These applications also typically have low mounting pressures for component clamping.

 Sil-Pad 800 material combines a smooth and highly compliant surface characteristic with high thermal conductivity. These features optimize the thermal resistance properties at low pressure.

Applications requiring low component clamping forces include discrete semiconductors (TO-220, TO-247 and TO-218) mounted with spring clips. Spring clips assist with quick assembly but apply a limited amount of force to the semiconductor. The smooth surface texture of Sil-Pad 800 minimizes interfacial thermal resistance and maximizes thermal performance.

Typical Applications Include:

• Power supplies
• Automotive electronics
• Motor controls
• Power semiconductors

  • Sil Pad 800

    Sil Pad 800

    Cod produs: SIL PAD 800

    Categoria: Sil-Pad 800

    Producator: BERGQUIST GmbH

     SIL PAD 800

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