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Q-Pad II

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal impedance: 0.22°C-in2/W (@50 psi)
• Maximum heat transfer
• Aluminum foil coated both sides
• Designed to replace thermal grease

Q-Pad II is a composite of aluminum foil coated on both sides with thermally / electrically conductive Sil-Pad rubber. The material is designed for those applications in which maximum heat transfer is needed and electrical isolation is not required. Q-Pad II is the ideal thermal interface material to replace messy thermal grease compounds.

Q-Pad II eliminates problems associated with grease such as contamination of reflow solder or cleaning operations. Unlike grease,
Q-Pad II can be used prior to these operations. Q-Pad II also eliminates dust collection which can cause possible surface shorting or heat buildup.

Typical Applications Include:
• Between a transistor and a heat sink
• Between two large surfaces such as an L-bracket and the chassis of an assembly
• Between a heat sink and a chassis
• Under electrically isolated power modules or devices such as resistors, transformers and solid state relays

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