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Pompa manuala JP-05 produse inflamabile (INOX)

Stainless steel hand pump JP-05 for flammable media

Tested by risk analysis of the risk TÜVs Munich!
Pump tube made of Stainless Steel 316 Ti, seals made of PTFE
Suitable for flammable liquids like solvents (including acetone!)
Ppump tube lengths: 700 or 1000 mm
Flow rate: 0.3 to 0.6 l / stroke
Necessary accessories for the hand pump JP-05:
Discharge arc with PTFE seal and wing nut
Hose connection in Stainless Steel ¾ "or 1" with PTFE seal and wing nut made of brass nickel plated
Drum adapter made of brass, nickel plated R 2", with fixing device
Anti-static set of 4 copper cables (absolutely necessary when pumping flammable media)

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