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Oval Push-Through Glove System

CRL Push-Through Gloveports are used in isolators or gloveboxes where those activities bring together dangerous or sterile products and human operators. The CRL Push-Through Glove System allows for the interchangeability between gloves, viewing windows, bag-outs, and plugs without losing enclosure containment or risking the spread of contamination.

The two main components of the system are the enclosure ring, which mounts to the Glovebox wall and the support ringor accessory that creates a compression seal inside the enclosure ring.

   ♦ CRL push-through technology offers rapid glove changes with a minimized risk of exposure to the operator or the product.
   ♦ CRL offers push-through gloveports in Round configurations from 8"-15" diameter.
   ♦ CRL offers Oval Gloveports for increased access by the operator and better ergonomics.
   ♦ CRLs push-through technology is compatible with most commercially available gloves. The system does
      not rely on the glove bead to provide the seal giving the end user the flexibility to choose the right gloves for their applications.
   ♦ The Push-Through ports offer users the flexibility to install into the port a window, a plug, a bag
      out and many other custom applications.

CRL Push-Through Gloveport system can be mounted in a wide variety of materials including lexan, glass, and metal panels.

Minimum Push-Through Gloveport System requirements:
    ♦ Enclosure Ring (Clamp In or Weld In)
    ♦ Support Ring with Glove
    ♦ Glove ejection tool

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