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Open Nozzels Econ

The Econ nozzle series Mini, Multi and Easy Shot are available in different diameters and lengths. For some, even the length is freely variable. Should you have requirements exceeding the Econ-series, no problem. Premium-nozzles and Premium-services can be combined with Econ. You receive quality without compromises and without additional cost drivers.
Reduces mold cost. We use a constructive and simple solution following the ante-chamber principle. This means, that one nozzle has several gates and variable distances. In addition, the nozzle has no contact in the front area and a secondary gasket protects from overmolding.
The principle of thermos results in short cycle times and high-quality gates
This is ensured through a highest-temperature thermal seal to the mold. In principle, this is similar to a thermos: The nozzle is surrounded by a casing that is not within the injection area.

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