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One-Piece Telemanipulator Model F - Rugged Duty

One-Piece Modular Manipulator designed for use in air environments in a extended reach design

          ♦ Master Arm, Slave Arm and Thru Tube are assembled as one unit, operating
             on closed loop steel tapes and cables system
          ♦ Rugged time-tested design stands up to the harshest environments
          ♦ Provides a true one-to-one handling ratio; if you can pick it up with your
             hand you can pick it up with these manipulators
          ♦ Wide range of uses from highly contaminated to very sterile

CAD Capacitate
Features Lungimea
 Typ E-HD      100 lb
  45.3 kg
Rugged Duty
Electrical "Z" Indexing
     11 ft
    3,35 m

Nr. afisari: