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Miki Pulley® - Model BES Ordinary-high-speed-control pentru frane si cuplaje elctromagnetice

Model BES - Ordinary-high-speed control pentru frane si cuplaje elctromagnetice

These are compact, high-capacity overexcitation power supplies that can be used in the full range of electromagnetic clutches and brakes of rated voltage 24V DC / 45V DC / 90V DC developed for general high-speed control.The pull-in time of the armature is improved by applying an overexcitation voltage, relative to the rated excitation voltage, for an instant to achieve high-frequency high-precision operation of electromagnetic clutches and brakes.


Date si specificatii tehnice
Input voltage AC 100V,  AC 200V
Output voltage: Overexcitation DC   90V,  DC 180V
Output voltage: Constant excitation DC   24V,  DC  45V,  DC 90V
Operating temperature -10℃   pana   +50℃


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