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Miki Pulley® - Model 121-□-20G Frana - cuplaj electromagnetic

Model 121-□-20G  Frana si cuplaj electromagnetic

These are open-mounted clutches and brakes that have through-shaft constructions of clutch and brake outside a light alloy drum.Power is output from the input hub continuously to the output shaft. The output shaft is braked when clutch current is shut off and the brake is energized in response. The construction holds up well under radial loads due to a wide bearing span, so it can be used under high tension when mounted with V pulleys, spur gears or the like. Thanks to the through-shaft construction, output is available at both ends of the shaft, so many mechanism layouts are possible, including using both ends in split driving or mounting a detection disc or the like on one end.


Date si specificatii tehnice
Moment cuplaj / frana 5 N・m  pana  320 N・m
Operating temperature -10℃  pana  +40℃
Backlash Zero



Nr. afisari: