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Miki Pulley® - Frane de siguranta cu arc

Emergency braking in power outages, long holds of stopped positions

These are electromagnetic brakes that are actuated by the force of a spring when electricity is not flowing. They provide excellent performance in emergency braking when power goes out, holding stopped positions for long periods of time, preventing machinery from coasting down, and the like. They provide advantages such as quiet braking, long service life, high torque from a compact form factor, reliable and stable braking power, and manual release. Spring-actuated brakes comes in two types, braking and holding.


♦ Various motors ♦ Hoists
♦ Multi-joint robots ♦ Mobility scooters
♦ Actuators ♦ Electric shutters
♦ Machine tools          ♦ Medical machinery
♦ Forklifts ♦ Wind power generators
♦ Aerial vehicles  


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