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Miki Pulley® - BEW-FH Model

These are compact, high-capacity, widely compatible power supplies that can be used in the full range of electromagnetic clutches and brakes of rated voltage of 45 V DC/90 V DC/180 V DC.The direct current required to operate electromagnetic clutches and brakes can be obtained simply by connecting/inputting using 100 V AC, 200 V AC, or 400 V AC specifications. Since they can handle half-wave/full-wave rectified output by switching the connection method, electromagnetic clutches and brakes of various specifications can be handled by these power supplies alone.


Input voltage                AC 100 V, AC 200 V, AC 400 V
Output voltage              DC 45 V, DC 90 V, DC 180 V
Operating temperature   -10℃ to 60℃

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