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MG Grippers

Morali Produktionstechnik GmbH - with great practice experience in the automation industry especially in the field of vacuum technology - enlarged the statt our product program - with system grippers. This new gripper family was not only developed for the plastic industry (for example as sprue grippers) but also for different applications in the field of EOAT. Graduated in four different sizes depending from purpose, space requirement and needed grip strength they can be mounted on all common gripper systems
  ♦ The smallest pliers from the Gripper micro series is on the market as the smallest Gripper.


The following special features are to be highlighted:
    ♦ Proportioned grading of four sizes
    ♦ Two different mounting options:
         • Standard clamp Ø10 mm
         • Female thread in the gripper body
    ♦ Internal thread in the body of the pliers
    ♦ Standard compressed air connection with femaile thread M5
    ♦ Gap-free closure of the gripper jaws
    ♦ Hart-Coat®-coating for optimum wear protection
    ♦ Optional version with magnet sensor query.
    ♦ Additional fastening possibility at the gripper body and optionally with clamp at the clamp Ø 10 mm.
    ♦ Grippers closing gap-free.
    ♦ Sensor query already of Ø 0,2 mm.
    ♦ Extensive spare part KIT for all sizes.
    ♦ Extension cable for magnet sensor in lengths of 2.5, 5 -10 m.


Special specific version of the gripping jaws are possible on request!

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