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Liqui-Bond SA 1000

Thermally Conductive, One-Part, Liquid Silicone Adhesive
Features and Benefits:

• High thermal performance
• Eliminates need for mechanical fasteners
• Low viscosity for ease of screening or stenciling
• Can achieve a very thin bond line
• Mechanical and chemical stability
• Maintains structural bond in severe-environment applications
• Heat cure

Liqui-Bond SA 1000 is a thermally conductive, one-part liquid silicone adhesive with a low viscosity for easy screenability.
Liqui-Bond SA 1000 features a high thermal performance and maintains it’s structure even in severe environment applications.

Liqui-Bond SA 1000 features excellent low and high-temperature mechanical and chemical stability. The material’s mild elastic properties assist in relieving CTE stresses during thermal cycling.
 Liqui-Bond SA 1000 contains no cure by-products, cures at elevated temperatures and requires refrigeration storage at 10°C. The material is available in both tube and mid-sized container forms.

Typical Applications Include:
• PCBA to housing
• Discrete component to heat spreader

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