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Lampi UV cu amalgan cu output maxim (UVX)


Our amalgam lamps with maximum output and an inner coating for increased lifetime are referred to as UVX-lamps. Please use our standard range or order these lamps designed according to your needs for performance, length, shape, cap base and marking.
Considering their higher output, these lamps are particularly useful for many applications in air and in water. Their main application fields are water treatment and water disinfection.

- power ranges from 40 W up to 500 W
- power ranges from app. 1.5 W to 3.0 W per cm lighting length
- quartz types PN235 (ozone free), PN and PS (ozone generating)
- possible design in lengths up to 2,000 mm
- possible diameter from 15 mm up to 32 mm
- standard cap base 4pin, G5 or G13 or designed according to your needs

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