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Hi-Flow 625

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal impedance: 0.71°C-in2/W (@25 psi)
• Electrically isolating
• 65°C phase change compound coated on PEN film
• Tack-free and scratch-resistant

Hi-Flow 625 is a film-reinforced phase change material. The product consists of a thermally conductive 65°C phase change compound coated on PEN film. Hi-Flow 625 is designed to be used as a thermal interface material between electronic power devices that require electrical isolation and a heat sink. The reinforcement makes Hi-Flow 625 easy to handle, and the 65°C phase change temperature of the coating material eliminates shipping and handling problems. The PEN film has a continuous use temperature of 150°C.

 Hi-Flow 625 is tack-free and scratch resistant at production temperature and does not require a protective liner in most shipping situations. The material has the thermal performance of 2-3 mil mica and grease assemblies.

Typical Applications Include:
• Spring / clip mounted
• Power semiconductors
• Power modules

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