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Hi-Flow 565UT

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal impedance: 0.05°C-in2/W (@25 psi)
• High thermal conductivity: 3.0 W/mK
• Phase change softening temp 52°C
• Natually tacky
• Tabulated for ease of assembly

Hi-Flow 565UT is a naturally tacky, thermally conductive phase change material which is supplied in an easy to use tabulated pad form. In the application the material undergoes a phase change softening, starting near 52°C.The phase change softening feature improves handling characteristics prior to a facilitated assembly. At application temperatures and pressures, Hi-Flow 565UT wets out the thermal interfaces resulting in a very low thermal impedance.

The thermal performance of Hi-Flow 565UT is comparable to the best thermal greases. Hi-Flow 565UT is provided at a consistent thickness to ensure reliable performance. Hi-Flow 565UT can be applied in high volumes to the target surface via low pressure from a roller or manual application.

Typical Applications Include:
• Processor lid to heat sink
• Processor die to lid or heat sink
• FBDIMM to heat spreader

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