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Hi-Flow 225UT

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal impedance: 0.08°C-in2/W (@25 psi)
• 55°C phase change composite with inherent tack characteristics 
• High-visibility protective tabs
• Pressure sensitive phase change thermal interface material

Hi-Flow 225UT is designed as a pressure sensitive thermal interface material for use between a high performance processor and a heat sink. Hi-Flow 225UT is a thermally conductive 55°C phase change composite with inherent tack. The material is supplied on a polyester carrier liner and is available with high visibility protective tabs.

Above its phase change temperature, Hi-Flow 225UT wets-out the thermal interface surfaces and flows to produce the lowest thermal impedance. The material requires pressure of the assembly to cause flow.

Application Methods:
1. Hand-apply Hi-flow 225UT to a room-temperature heat sink. The Hi-Flow 225UT pad exhibits inherent tack and can be hand-applied similar to an adhesive pad. The tab liner can remain on the heat sink and pad throughout shipping and handling until it is ready for final assembly.

Typical Applications Include:
• Computer and peripherals
• High performance computer processors
• Graphic cards
• Power modules

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