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Hi-Flow 225F-AC

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal impedance: 0.10°C-in2/W (@25 psi)
• Can be manually or automatically applied to the surfaces of room-temperature heat sinks
• Foil reinforced, adhesive coated
• Soft, thermally conductive 55°C phase change compound
Hi-Flow 225F-AC is a high performance, thermal interface material for use between a computer processor and a heat sink.
Hi-Flow 225F-AC consists of a soft, thermally conductive 55°C phase change compound coated to the top surface of an aluminum carrier with a soft, thermally conductive adhesive compound coated to the bottom surface to improve adhesion to the heat sink.

Above the 55°C phase change temperature, Hi-Flow 225F-AC wets-out the thermal interface surfaces and flows to produce low thermal impedance.

Hi-Flow 225F-AC requires pressure from the assembly to cause material flow. The Hi-Flow coatings resist dripping in vertical orientation.

The material includes a base carrier liner with differential release properties to facilitate simplicity in roll form packaging and application assembly. Please contact Product Management for applications that are less than 0.07” square.

Typical Applications Include:
• Computer and peripherals
• Power conversion
• High performance computer processors
• Power semiconductors
• Power modules

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