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Hi-Flow 105

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal impedance 0.37°C-in2/W (@25 psi)
• Used where electrical isolation is not required
• Low volatility – less than 1%
• Easy to handle in the manufacturing environment
• Flows but doesn’t run like grease

Hi-Flow 105 is a phase change material coated on both sides of an aluminum substrate. It is designed specifically to replace grease as a thermal interface, eliminating the mess, contamination and difficult handling associated with grease. Hi-Flow 105 is tack-free and scratch resistant at room temperature and does not require a protective liner in shipment when attached to a heat sink.

At 65°C (phase change temperature), Hi-Flow 105 changes from a solid and flows, thereby assuring total wet-out of the interface. The thixotropic characteristics of Hi-Flow 105 reduce the pump-out from the interface.

Hi-Flow 105 has thermal performance equal to grease with 0.10 °C-in2 / W contact thermal resistance.

Typical Applications Include:
• Power semiconductors
• Microprocessors mounted on a heat sink
• Power conversion modules
• Spring or clip mount applications where thermal grease is used

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