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Gap Pad A2000

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal conductivity: 2.0 W/m-K
• Fiberglass reinforced for puncture, shear and tear resistance
• Electrically isolating

Gap Pad A2000 acts as a thermal interface and electrical insulator between electrical components and heat sinks. In the thickness range of 10 to 40 mil, Gap Pad A2000 is supplied with natural tack on both sides, allowing for excellent compliance to the adjacent surfaces of components. The 40 mil material thickness is supplied with lower tack on one side, allowing for burn-in processes and easy rework.

Note: Resultant thickness is defined as the final gap thickness of the application.

Typical Applications Include
• Computer and peripherals; between CPU and heat spreader
• Telecommunications
• Heat Pipe assemblies
• RDRAM™ memory modules
• CDROM / DVD cooling
• Area where heat needs to be transferred to a frame chassis or other type of heat spreader
• DDR SDRAM memory modules

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