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Gap Pad 2500

Features and Benefits
• Thermal conductivity: 2.7 W/m-K
• High thermal performance, cost-effective solution
• Un-reinforced construction for additional compliancy
• Medium compliancy and conformability

Gap Pad 2500 is a thermally conductive, electrically insulating, un-reinforced gap filling material. Gap Pad 2500 is a filled-polymer material yielding an elastic polymer that allows for easy handling and converting without the need for reinforcement. These properties also allow for good wet-out and interfacing characteristics to surfaces with roughness and/or topography. All these characteristics make this material ideal for applications using either clip or screw-mounted assemblies.
Gap Pad 2500 is offered with inherent natural tack on both sides of the material allowing for stick-in-place characteristics during application assembly. The material is supplied with protective liners on both sides.

Note: Resultant thickness is defined as the final gap thickness of the application.

Typical Applications Include:
• Multiple heat-generating components to a common heat sink
• Graphics Chips to heat sinks
• Processors to heat sinks
• Mass Storage Drives
• Wireline / Wireless communications hardware

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