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Gap Pad® 1450

Features and Benefits:
• Thermal Conductivity: 1.3 W/m-K (Bulk Rubber)
• Permanent liner reinforcement allows easy rework and resistance to puncture and tear resistance
• Highly conformable/low hardness
• Designed for and low-stress applications

Gap Pad® 1450 is a highly compliant Gap Pad material that is ideal for fragile component leads. The material includes a permanent liner, which facilitates rework and improves puncture resistance and handling characteristics.
The un-lined side of Gap Pad® 1450 maintains a conformable, yet elastic nature that provides excellent interfacing and wet-out characteristics, even to surfaces with high roughness or uneven topography

Gap Pad® 1450 has inherent tack on one side of the material, eliminating the need for thermally impeding adhesive layers.

It is highly recommended that the permenant liner be left intact. Gap Pad® 1450 permenant clear liner can also be removed if needed for thicknesses above 60 mil. Removing the clear permenant liner will not have significant impact on thermal performance.

Pleaase contact your local Bergquist Sales Representative for sample inquiries and additional product information.

Typical Applications Include:
• Lighting and LED applications
• Low strain is required for fragile component leads
• Computer and peripherals
• Telecommunications
• Between any heat-generating semiconductor and a heat sink

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