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Fraser® 7560 - Generator Electrostatic

The 7560 and the 75150 Static Generators are 50kV versions of the best-selling 7360 30kV Static Generators used for temporary adhesion applications. They are suitable for local operation or full integration with the machine, and are available in AC or DC Models.

Avantaje si beneficii

Both static generators use solid state electronics and switching technology for stability and reliability.
Fraser 7560    50kV / 1.2mA  output 24 DC
Fraser 75150  50kV / 3mA     output 24 DC
Dispnibile in 2 modele:
Fraser 7560 DC  output 24V DC
Fraser 7560 AC  output  90V - 264V AC
♦  Fast rise and decay times.
Two HV output connections, more connections available with external connector box.
♦  Available in positive or negative polarities to be specified at time of order.

Avantaje si beneficii

Control Interface
♦   The control interface gives the operator complete control of the functions of the generator.
On / Off switching of the high voltage. High voltage setting and adjustment.
Setting and adjustment of current limits.
Remote sensing of actual output voltage and current for easy display.

For complete ease of installation Fraser provides a 10V DC supply for all of the above functions - the customer does not need to supply additional power.
There is automatic selection of constant current or constant voltage mode.

Remote Monitor
♦   A remote monitoring system checks the High Voltage output status of the Generator.
♦  Voltage free relay contacts are provided to switch an alarm or feedback to a PLC.

♦  Short-circuit and arc protected output.
Overvoltage and under voltage protected input.
Rugged mechanical enclosure for wall or bench mounting.

♦  Multiple levels of protection for market-leading safety in operation.

Specificatii si date tehnice
Carcasa 1.5 mm steel with mounting brackets.
Alimentarea 7560-DC
Input voltage: 20 - 28 V DC.
Input current: Max 3.0 A under all operating conditions.
M12 4 Pin Connector.
Alimentarea 7560-AC Input voltage: 90 V - 264 V 50/60 Hz.
Power: 1000W
Two HV output connections. An external connector
box is available for additional HV outputs
Dry, oil-free location required with max ambient temperature of 40°. Max 70% rH, not wet or condensing.
Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC.
EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC



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