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Fraser® - 3850-SC Ionstorm Bar

IONSTORM uses advanced pulsed DC ionisation technology for static neutralisation at long distances without air assistance. Ionstorm Static Elimination is used on winders, mouldings, assembly benches and hoppers wherever long range static control is needed.

      ♦ Ionstorm has been designed to optimise static neutralisation performance at distances  200mm and 1000mm.
      ♦ Market leading performance and the proven reliability of Fraser.
      ♦ Fully controllable output with lockable settings.
      ♦ Unique, double-wall separation of the positive and negative polarities for reliability and low maintenance.
      ♦ Long life tungsten emitters. Replaceable if damaged or worn.
      ♦ It is the essential tool when you demand long range, high performance static control.

How it works:
The Ionstorm bar emits positive and negative ions from dedicated emitters. The pulsing action propels the ions towards the object to be neutralised. The ionised air supplies ions to neutralise the charge in the object. The higher the static charge, the more ions are attracted by the object.


Maximum Load per 3700-SC Controller is for 3850-SC - 15 m of Bar and Cable.
The Ionstorm bar is powered by a 3700SC Ionstorm controller.

Date si caracteristici tehnice

♦ Distanta dintre varfurile emitatoarelor este de 125 mm
♦ Lungimi se pot comanda multiplii de 250mm pana la o lungime de 5000mm (250mm, 500mm, 750mm...)

Maximum Load per 3700-SC Controller is for 3850-SC - 15 m of Bar and Cable.

3700SC Ionstorm Controller

Specificatii tehnice:

Set slow frequency for distances up to 1 m, and a faster frequency for closer
distances, e.g. 300 mm.
If the static charge varies, set a balanced output. If the static is constant, the balance
can be adjusted 80:20 in each polarity for even better performance.
Power Adjustable from 0-14 kV. Totally shock proof.
Supply Voltage        115 V 50/60 Hz, 230 V Hz, 24 V DC
Alarma Shows correct function.
Remote Control Available through DIN Connector for on/off and alarm



Nr. afisari: