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Fraser® - 3810 Ionstorm Single Point Bar

The 3810 Single Point Bars are used for neutralising static charge in ducting, cabinets and other enclosed spaces.

       ♦ The 3810 Single Point Bars allow pulsed DC technology to be used in creative applications. Their compact size
          allows  sophisticated static control where little space is available.
       ♦ The 3810 Single Point Bars can be used in pairs for long range bi-polar neutralisation, or
          singly for uni-polar neutralisation.
       ♦ The 3810 Single Point Bars can exploit the huge capability and versatility of the Ionstorm 3700 Controller.
       ♦ High power with shockless operation. There is 130MOhm resistance in series with the high voltage.

Specificatii tehnice si dimensiuni

Material Carcasa: PVC extrudat, Capac: ABS, Emitator: Tungsten
Dimesiuni Lungime 80m , Diametru Ø11mm,  Emitator: lungime10 mm
Cablu Cablu ecranat Hi-Flex 30 kV, raza curbura 70 mm, protectie Nylon
Lungime cablu Lungime standar 2m. Alte lungimi la cerere. Lungime max. 10m
Temperatura max. de lucru +60°C
Umiditate Umiditate relativa 70% fara condesns
Siguranta Rezistenta130MOhm intre emitator si sursa. Shock-free operation.
Sursa Ionstrom Controler 3700-SC



3700SC Ionstorm Controller

Specificatii tehnice:
Set slow frequency for distances up to 1 m, and a faster frequency for closer
distances, e.g. 300 mm.
If the static charge varies, set a balanced output. If the static is constant, the balance
can be adjusted 80:20 in each polarity for even better performance.
Power Adjustable from 0-14 kV. Totally shock proof.
Supply Voltage        115 V 50/60 Hz, 230 V Hz, 24 V DC
Alarma Shows correct function.
Remote Control Available through DIN Connector for on/off and alarm



Nr. afisari: