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Drum pump set for flammable media: JP-AIR 3 SS 1000

Compressed air motor JP-AIR 3, 400 W at max. 6 bar operating pressure,
Type Examination Certificate Number IBEX U05 ATEX B007 X

Pump tube: Stainless Steel 1.4571, 1000 mm, external diameter 41 mm, Connecting thread G 1 ¼"
                   Type Examination Certificate Number ZELM 09 ATEX 0424 X
                   2 m Universal chemical and solvent hose, conductive 1 "(NW 25)
                   2 Stainless Steel connectors with clamps made of Aluminium,
                   1 Nozzle made of brass nickle plated, 1 wall hanger, 1 bonding ground set

Capacity:120 l / min * Head: 10 m (rotor), 27 m (impeller) *,
Medium temperature: according to Ex-approval,
Viscosity:  600 mPas,
Density: 1.5 *

* All physical values ​​are maximum values​​.
   The flow refers to water at 18 ° C and was measured at the open discharge of the pump (without hose connection).

Nr. afisari: