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Depozitare tip System Container

- A standard version with natural ventilation
- An insulated design for frost free storage

The System Container range is versatile and available with a number of options to suit different applications:
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
- Single, dual or triple compartments.
- Single or double storage depth.
- Storage capacity up to 96 x 205 litre drums or 24 IBCs.
- Sump volume up to 6000 litres.
- Sump volumes of 110 % of total stored volume possible for use in water protection areas on request.
- Wide range of special solutions and dimensions possible.

Container types
Depending on the type and size of the containers to be stored, various models of System Container are availble.
For all container types, choose between Standard (with natural ventilation) and ISO (with heat insulation).
-K Series System Container: Storage of IBCs
-H Series System Container: Mixed storage of drums, IBCs and pallets
-G Series System Container: Drum storage direct on the grid
-P Series System Container: Drum storage on chemical or Euro pallets
-A Series System Container: Horizontal drum storage

Door options
-Without doors
-Sliding doors (with lock and cylinder lock)
-Wing doors (with lock, cylinder lock and storm hook )
-Roller doors (with electrical drive)

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