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The WHG walk-in drum and IBC store has been used by companies in industry for many years. Adaptable to suit individual requirements and operational processes and store many different container sizes, the WHG offers an optimum storage solution.

Solid construction
The WHG is designed with a welded steel frame offering a sturdy, long lasting storage system. The walls and roof are covered with galvanized trapezoidal sheet steel and the integral single piece steel sump is installed with removable, hot-dip galvanised grids offering the necessary environmental protection in accordance with PPG 26 regulations.

The hot dip galvanised design of the walls and roof guarantee extremely long lasting corrosion protection with a timeless appearance. Alternatively, the WHG can be supplied painted in gentian blue - RAL 5010. Other RAL paint colours availble on request.

WHG (Standard equipment)
-Approved for the storage of water-polluting substances in all water polluting classes.
-With technical ventilation the WHG is also approved for the storage of flammable liquids.

WHG S (With natural ventilation)
-Approved for the storage of water-polluting substances of all water-polluting classes and for the passive storage of flammable liquids.
-The legally required 0.4 times air exchange is achieved by weather-protected ventilation openings all around the container. A power supply is not needed.
-An equipotential bonding connection point is available for avoiding dangerous static charges.

WHG ISO (With heat insulation)
-In an insulated design with optional electric heating for frost protection.
-In conjunction with a heating system, guarantees an internal temperature > 5 °C when the external temperature is -15 °C.
-Approved for the storage of water-polluting substances of all water-polluting classes and for the passive and active storage of flammable liquids.

When storing flammable liquids a safety distance of at least 4 m must be ensured from nearby buildings. If this safety distance cannot be maintained, a fire rated storage container is recommended.

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