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 The MC-Vario is a modular construction, walk-in storage system that has been specifically designed to cater for a variety of customer needs. Thanks to its innovative design, the MC-Vario can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

Solid construction
The MC-Vario is designed with a welded steel frame offering a sturdy, long lasting storage system. The walls are covered with galvanized sheet steel and the roof a galvanised profile sheet for optimum corrosion protection. The integral single piece sump is installed with removable, hot-dip galvanised grids offering the necessary environmental protection in accordance with PPG 26 regulations.

Individual design
The MC-Vario compliments the existing architecture of many companies thanks to its attractive, modern flat sheet design. Alternatively a galvanised version can be supplied painted in gentian blue – RAL 5010. Other RAL paint colours also available on request.

MC-Vario (Standard equipment)
-Approved for the storage of water-polluting substances in all water polluting classes.
-With technical ventilation the MC-Vario is also approved for the storage of flammable liquids.

MC-Vario S (with natural ventilation)
-Approved for the storage of water-polluting substances of all water-polluting classes and for the passive storage of flammable liquids.
-The legally required 0.4 times air exchange is achieved by weather-protected ventilation openings all around the container. A power supply is not needed.
-An equipotential bonding connection point is available for avoiding dangerous static charges.

MC-Vario ISO (with heat insulation)
-In an insulated design with optional electric heating for frost protection.
-In conjunction with a heating system, guarantees an internal temperature > 5 °C when the external temperature is -15 °C.
-Approved for the storage of water-polluting substances of all water-polluting classes and for the passive and active storage of flammable liquids.

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