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CRL - Telemanipulatoare produse radioactive

Telemanipulators products are typically used when the need to remotely perform tasks in a high radiation or hazardous environment arises.  Typical tasks range from operation laboratory instruments to the maintenance of large process equipment,
all operations requiring dexterous manipulations.
These tasks are unstructured and require real-time dexterous human intervention.

CRL offers two Telemanipulation platforms:
    ♦ One-piece fixed units: Unsealed design for use in an air environment
    ♦ Three-piece modular units: Sealed design for use in inert environments

               One-piece fixed unit                                                     Three-piece modular units

Basis of Operation

CRL Telemanipulators extend the dexterous manipulative capabilities of a human operator into a hazardous environment.
     ♦ As in all telemanipulators, natural motions of the hands at the master end are
        reproduced identically at the slave end in a 1 to 1 ratio.
     ♦ These operations are accomplished with a minimum of effort and a maximum
        of precision due to careful counter-balancing and reduction of mass, friction and lost motion.
     Very little force is required to initiate and maintain uniform motion in any
        horizontal or verticaldirection.

The above factors, combined with the bilateral drive and reflecting characteristics of the design, provide a
remarkable "sense of feel" and practically no training period is required to become a competent operator.

CRL Telemanipulation platforms have been in service worldwide for over 50 years.

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