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CRL - Sistem transport material periculos, toxic sau steril

For hazardous, toxic or sterile material transfer equipment, count on CRL Transfer Products. CRL manufactures transfer equipment and products used in many material transfer requirements, such as:
     ♦ Transfer a hazardous toxic or sterile material from one sealed
        enclosure to another sealed enclosure
     ♦ Perform this transfer without contaminating the sealed enclosures
        or the environment surrounding the sealed enclosures

Basis of Operation
CRL Transfer Port System evolved from the use of Double Door Transfer technology in the nuclear field.
     ♦ The Transfer Port System consists of an Alpha port, typically mounted in an isolator/glovebox wall,
        and a product transfer Beta device.
     ♦ CRL Rapid Transfer Port System allows for rapid repeatable transfers without breaking containment
        and are widely used in pharmaceutical and nuclear applications.

Basic Components  
The CRL Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) is a double door transfer system that consists of two main components,
the Alpha assembly and the Beta assembly.
      ♦ The Alpha assembly is normally mounted to the cell wall of a contained environment.
      ♦ The Beta assembly is mobile.
                           CRL RTP Alpha  Assembles                CRL RTP Beta Assembles                          

When the two assemblies are mated, materials can be rapidly transferred into and out of the environment
without breaking containment.

RTP Design Features
         ♦ Precision machined components for exact tolerances
         ♦ 316 stainless steel Alpha flange with polypropylene or stainless steel port door
         ♦ Easy to clean silicone Alpha and Beta seals
         ♦ Seals installed and removed without the need for special tooling
         ♦ Hinged or hingeless Alpha flange port door
         ♦ Mechanical interlocks to prevent improper port operation

Alpha Flange
CRL offers Alpha flanges in various configurations, from 105mm to 460mm ports. These ports are
typically constructed of stainless steel with optional door materials available.


Alpha flanges are typically provided with a safety interlock system to prevent any accidental opening of
the port without the Beta canister attached.

Interlock System
The CRL Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) features optional mechanical interlocks that prevent the improper operation of the transfer port. The interlocks are incorporated into the Alpha flange and interface with the alpha port door handle and prevent the following:
        ♦ The Alpha port door from being opened when a Beta flange has not been docked.
        ♦ The Beta flange from being removed from the Alpha flange when the Alpha port door is open.
        ♦ The Alpha port door handle from being rotated when the door is open.

Beta Containers/Flanges
CRL offers a wide variety of Beta containers constructed from stainless steel, Polypropylene and Medical Grade plastics.

        Stainless Steel Beta Container                    Flange Polypropylene Container and Flange

        ♦ The container can be used multiple times for the transfer of products, equipment or waste into
           and out of an isolator or glovebox.
        ♦ The container can be decontaminated for use in the future, or it can be used on an as needed
           basis or disposed of after each use.
        ♦ A disposable bag can be attached to Beta flange for use with product or waste transfer.

Beta Couplers
When an application requires the transfer of large objects, rotating a Beta container onto the Alpha port can be difficult. For these applications, CRL offers a Beta coupler device which allows the Beta flange to rotate while the container remains fixed and still maintains contaminant during the transfer process.

Custom Betas
Central Research Laboratories specializes in customizing our current products and developing new products to meet the specific needs of our customers. The items shown here are typical of what we can offer. If you have a special design requirement you would like us to consider please contact us or use the form at right.

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