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Container tip BMC cu acces in interior si protectie antifoc

Suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors and suitable for both active and passive storage, the BMC walk-in container range provides an efficient and flexible storage solution.


The double steel frame construction in the form of an internal and an external frame ensures safety and stability in the event of a fire, guaranteeing 90 minutes fire protection both internally and externally. Quality fire protection panels with non-flammable mineral wool are fitted between the internal frame and the external frame. The panels are covered by galvanised steel sheets on both sides and are then coated. They offer the required fire resistance capability in accordance with DIN 4102 and EN 13501.

Depending on the application, the BMC range can be fitted with a variety of accessories to suit individual requirements:
-Door latching system.
-Technical ventilation.
-Access ramps.
-Shelving system.

The BMC walk-in fire rated store is fitted with a single piece steel sump so large containers can
also be stored in a legally compliant manner. The galvanised grid can easily be removed for
cleaning and maintenance. When storing corrosive substances, the storage container can be used directly ex works with the addition of a PE inliner or a stainless steel sump.

Fire rated doors
The self closing fire rated doors are T90 rated in accordance with DIN 4102.
The fire rated stores are fitted with either 1 or 2 wing doors on either the long or short side and are supplied with an anti-panic lock offering the highest levels of safety. A door latch system that guarantees automatic closure in the event of a fire can also be fitted.

Safety and quality
-Certified and approved.
-Dye penetration test in accordance with EN 571-1 to check sump sealing.
-Galvanised components give long lasting corrosion protection.
-High heat insulation: U value: 0.42 W/(m2K).
-Load capacity: 1000 kg/m2, (BMC-S 180-10:1250 kg/m2).
-Designed for a typical roof snow load of sk = 1.56 kN/m2.
-Designed for a typical wind load with a dynamic pressure of qref = 0.5 kN/m2.
-Containers can be adapted to suit regions with especially high snow and wind loads.

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