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Container FBM cu protectie antifoc

The premium solution for the storage of large quantities of flammablen substances.
-8 sizes with a max. storage capacity of 32 drums or 8 IBCs.
-Optimum dimensions for drums, palletised goods or IBCs.
-Integral shelving system.
-Conforms to relevant EU directives and the appropriate standards.
-Additionally classified to European standards and guidelines for fire protection.
-Conforms to relevant EU directives and appropriate standards.
-Self closing T90 doors with anti-panic lock.
-Panels to DIN EN 13501-2 rated EI 120.
-RAL 5010 (gentian blue) or RAL 9002 (grey-white) paint finish, can be supplied in other RAL colours on request.

The premium fire protection solution:
The FBM series of fire rated shelving containers solves the problem of storing flammable hazardous materials safely on pallets or in IBCs in compliance with current regulations.

Complete basic equipment:
The FBM series offers a full range of equipment and options, right from the basic version:
-Suitable for internal and external use.
-Single and dual bay containers.
-Single and double depth.
-Doors with anti-panic lock.
-RAL 5010 (gentian blue) or RAL 9002 (grey white) paint finish. Containers can be supplied in other RAL colours on request.
-F 90 fire protection from inside and outside (fire resistance capability of 90 minutes).

The FBM fire rated containers can be adapted to suit your operational requirements with optional equipment:
-Technical ventilation.
-Heating / air conditioning.
-Explosion protection.
-Brand marking.
-Extinguishing systems.
-Inlay sump in plastic (PE inliner) or stainless steel sump for the storage of aggressive substances.
-Door latch.

The FBM fire rated storage container is a hazardous materials storage system with height adjustable shelving for the safe and comfortable storage of up to 64 205 litre drums or 16 IBCs. The double steel frame construction and the nonflammable mineral wool panel insulation give this fire rated storage container a 90 minute fire resistance capability for both internal and external fires. In addition, it is also fitted with an integral sump compliant to PPG 26 regulations, self closing fire rated T90 doors and an anti panic lock.

Certified fire protection:
The FBM fire rated storage container meets all F90 fire protection requirements of DIN 4102, therefore withstands 90 minutes of fire inside or outside the container.

Shelving system:
For the safe and stable storage of drums, palletized goods and IBCs, the storage container is fitted with a shelving system, which is placed directly in the container sump. Height adjustable shelves in 50 mm steps make it easy to adjust to the height of the containers being stored, allowing you to make the best possible use of the storage space available.

Safety and quality:
-Dye penetration test in accordance with EN 571-1 to check sump sealing.
-Galvanised components give long lasting corrosion protection.
-Insulation: Construction material class A High heat insulation: U value: 0.42 W/(m2K).
-Load capacity: 1250 kg/m2.
-Designed for a typical roof snow load of sk = 1.56 kN/m2.
-Designed for a typical wind load with a dynamic pressure of qref = 0.5 kN/m2.

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