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Clean Rapid Transfer Port System (CRTP)

The CleanRTP is the cleanest and most flexible transfer system on the market

                                                  Safe  ♦  Clean  ♦  Flexible

     ♦ Easier to clean: Smooth, clean surfaces, no exposed fasteners
     ♦ Easier to configure: Flexible port door design
     ♦ Easier to operate port door: Minimal rotation before disengagement.
       As the handle is turned, the interlock assists in breaking the seal — minimizing operator effort
           • Stainless Steel
           • Polypropylene
           • Liquid Transfer
     ♦ Four sizes: 190 and 270 available now, 105 and 350 coming soon

Rapid Transfer Port Door Options

The CRTP is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the most demanding transfer applications.
Door configurations are largely application dependent.

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