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CAMCO FERGUSSON Servo Positioner Rotary Table Serie GTB

CAMCO FERGUSSON GTB Servo Positioner Rotary Tables
are lightweight, compact, high-accuracy programmable servo positioners. The exceptional low profile high-torque output design supports the demands of high inertia load applications. Available in four sizes, the GTB series units are lubricated for life and can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical orientations.The GTB Series feature the largest utility through hole diameter available for its size, making it ideal for space constrained machine applications

Zero Backlash Roller Gear Cam Mechanism
Innovative roller gear design provides exceptionally smooth motion performance. The globoidal cam and output turret with integrated rollers are a preloaded system that delivers zero backlash for superior accuracy,

Flexible Drive Options
Each GTB model can be ordered in two different drive options. The high-torque gear drive option is used for applications with large inertia requirements while maintaining a small motor size. The direct drive option provides zero backlash, high precision operation. Both options interface with an array of servo motor suppliers.

Orientation Independent Mounting
GTB Series units can mounted in any orientation for easy installation and machine standardization. Install units in any configuration:
• Flat horizontal table mounting
• Vertical mounting
• Trunnion Mounting
• Inverted (upside down) mounting

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