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CAMCO FERGUSSON Indexor rotativ Seria 115RSD

CAMCO FERGUSSEN RSD is a zero-backlash, cam-actuated drive, compatible with industry-standard servo motors for precise control and flexibility.

♦ Zero-backlash preloaded system for High accuracy, Smooth motion, and High speed moves
♦ Indexing motion flexibility - Vary indexing distance, time, and direction
♦ Output options to mount to your equipment
♦ Large flange with thru hole
   32mm diameter shaft
   External shrink disk for 30 or 40 mm shaft
    Internal shrink disk for 30 mm shaft
♦ Wide variety of ratios in a single stage: 4:1 to 18:1
♦ Large overturning moment capacity due to large output bearing
♦ Universal Mounting
♦ Maintenance-free operation

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